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What is a Pediatrician?

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Nothing is more important that the health of your child. When a child becomes ill it’s important that they receive the specialized care that they need. This means turning to a pediatrician for diagnosis and treatment. A pediatrician is a medical doctor who specializes in managing a child’s physical, behavioral and mental well-being from birth to around 21 years old. The sooner your child starts seeing their pediatrician regularly the easier it will be to safeguard them against childhood illness and diseases.

What Can A Pediaitrican Help Your Child With

Pediatricians can diagnose and treat infections, genetic abnormalities and injuries, as well as developmental and emotional disorders. Besides diagnosing conditions, a pediatrician is also here to help your child adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent certain health problems. This includes discussing and changing specific lifestyle factors to ensure that your child is getting valuable nutrients, experiencing positive social interactions with both family and peers, and exercising regularly.

After birth your child will visit their pediatrician often, particularly during the first couple years of life. These well-child visits include a physical examination, receiving proper immunizations, checking that developmental milestones are being reached and that your child is healthy and receiving the proper nutrition. These visits are also a time for the parents to ask questions regarding their child’s health and about certain steps they can take at home to keep their child healthy.

Be Proactive About Your Childs Health

A pediatrician is vital to your child’s health. We are here to provide not only preventive and routine care but also to properly treat conditions so your child can lead a healthier life. If your child was born with a medical condition, your pediatrician can work with you and other medical professionals and specialists to help provide your child with the proper care they need. Let our compassionate and caring team provide your child with the best medical care possible so they can grow up to lead a healthy and happy life.

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