The Importance Of Preventive Care

Health care does begin early. At Best Care Family Health Center in Milwaukee, WI, our pediatricians believe in closely following the littlest patients on through to their college years. Dr. Sandra Arce-Garzon and Dr. Sergio Casaclang join with parents in fostering proper development and preventing health problems with common-sense strategies that benefit the whole family.

Physically, emotionally, and socially

Your child develops in many ways over the years. From learning to breastfeed to walking to getting that first tooth and into the tumultuous pre-teen and teen years, the physical, social, and emotional changes are tremendous.

So, your Milwaukee pediatricians, Dr. Arce-Garzon and Dr. Casaclang, and their staff provide health supervision, intervention as needed, and reduction in risk factors for disease and poor growth and development. Plus, we keep track of your child's medical chart, delivering information to school, daycare, sports teams, and other health care specialists according to parental request.

Your child's immunizations prevent big problems

Childhood shots are one of the best defenses against dangerous communicable diseases such as chickenpox, measles, pneumonia, and more. Your Milwaukee pediatricians administer vaccines according to the schedules published by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). A cornerstone of preventive care, vaccines build important immunity and avoid serious, long-term complications.

Other preventive care

Our Milwaukee, WI, pediatricians deliver the following:

  • Measurement of height and weight and other assessments of growth and development
  • Vision and hearing tests
  • Lab work, including cholesterol and lead screening
  • Nutritional assessment and counseling on oral hygiene habits such as brushing and flossing
  • Safe sun exposure practices
  • Play and physical activity assessments
  • Counsel on safe sleep practices for infants and healthy sleep habits for older children
  • Injury prevention (car seats, childproofing a home, and bike helmets, as examples)
  • Instruction on the dangers of drugs, alcohol, and smoking
  • Screening for family violence, abuse, and bullying at school

Additionally, our doctors provide physicals for school and club athletics. For special needs outside the scope of our practice, we provide referrals and coordination of care with other health providers, learning and behavioral specialists, and more. Best Care Family Health Center is your medical home.

How can we serve you?

Dr. Sandra Arce-Garzon and Dr. Sergio Casaclang are committed to the health and well-being of your entire family. For more information on our preventive services, please call Best Care Family Health Center in Milwaukee, WI at (414) 282-5810.

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