How We Can Help You Maintain the Health of Your Family

Well-visits, sick visits, vaccinations, sports physicals, urgent care—where can your family get it all? Well, here at Best Care Family Health Center in Milwaukee, WI, Dr. Sandra Arce-Garzon and Dr. Sergio Cascaclang help scores of families receive the best in medical care. In fact, this family practice is a true medical home, caring for patients from babyhood through the senior years.

How we can help you maintain your health

A family has many important needs, especially when it comes to good health care. Whether it's a routine, annual physical for Dad, vaccinations for the baby, or continuing care for your asthma, your family practice in Milwaukee, WI provides it all.

Here at Best Care Family Health Center, Drs. Arce-Garzon and Dr. Cascaclang get to know all their patients one-on-one. They learn the medical, surgical, and medication histories of each patient and are pleased to follow people through the life cycle. No one is a stranger at our Milwaukee, WI practice!

As such, we offer:

  • Routine annual physicals and sports physicals for kids
  • Cholesterol, blood sugar, colon health, and other screenings
  • Vaccinations for children, teens, and adults as recommended by the Center for Disease Control (CDC)
  • Maintenance of health records (and distribution to schools, daycare and other providers as needed)
  • Treatment of acute diseases and conditions such as strep throat, pneumonia, the flu, and more
  • Referral to and coordination of care with medical specialists in today's complicated health care system
  • Allergy testing and treatment

Treating the whole person

Your doctors at Best Care Family Health Center look at each patient as a person with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. Prevention of medical problems and promotion of a healthy lifestyle for all family members are key goals.

Frankly, family medicine is front line care. You'll see your personal family physician before you see anyone else for an acute or chronic problem, for screening tests, and for complex issues such as cancer care or cardiac rehabilitation.

Come see us

At Best Care Family Health Center in Milwaukee, WI, we will take great care of you and yours. Call our family practice today at (414) 282-5810.

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