The Importance of Well-Child Visits

A well-child visit, or a well check, is how your Milwaukee, WI, pediatrician can keep track of your child's development and provide the necessary preventive care, you can learn more about the benefits of these visits by reaching out to Dr. Sandra Arce-Garzon and Dr. Sergio Casaclang of Best Care Family Health Center.

They're Very Important

Well-visits are so important that most experts recommend the very first of these take place just days after you take your baby home from the hospital. The same experts also suggest that you begin your search for a pediatrician months before giving birth, just so that you have that important part already taken care of before things get hectic.

Keeping Track

During their first year, children will typically have about six well-baby visits, and often four more in their second year, and then yearly after that. These visits help to keep track of your child's physical and developmental milestones, it's why there are so many early on.

Early Treatment

One of the most important reasons for regular checkups is to be able to detect any potential issues early and offer treatment. When it comes to just about any health condition, early diagnosis and early treatment offer higher chances of success and often, in the least invasive way possible.


Regular well-child visits, besides helping to spot problems early can also help to prevent them. Your child's doctor can provide advice on ways to stay healthy through lifestyle improvements regarding diet, exercise, and unhealthy habits.

Raising Concerns

These visits also present an excellent time for both you and your child to ask questions regarding their health and how to stay healthy. Teenagers need to be able to bring forward their questions and take charge of their health.

Well-Child Visit in Milwaukee, WI

You can dial (414) 282-5810 if you want to schedule a well-child visit with Dr. Arce-Garzon and Dr. Casaclang of Best Care Family Health Center in Milwaukee, WI.

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