The Importance of Visiting an Allergy Clinic

The Importance of Visiting an Allergy Clinic

Allergies can affect your child in a number of ways, they can impact their sleep, their ability to play, and their overall health. Being aware of the possible signs that your child may be experiencing allergy symptoms is very important, and our Milwaukee, WI, allergy clinic may be able to help both with diagnosing and treating their allergies. You can learn more about how allergies are diagnosed and treated by getting in contact with Best Care Family Health Center, with Dr. Sandra Arce-Garzon and Dr. Sergio Casaclang.

Allergic Reactions

Your child's immune system has a very crucial job, and that is of protecting them against potentially harmful invaders. But for children who suffer from allergies, their immune system can react as if it's fighting off a threat when it comes into contact with what's considered a normal substance to most other kids. This action by their immune system sets off what's commonly called an allergic reaction, which can range from unpleasant to very dangerous to your child's health.


An allergen is a substance that can trigger the immune response, and it can be different types of food, certain chemicals, pollen, and pet dander, to name a few.

Many parents aren't aware that their children have allergies until they come in contact with an allergen and it causes an allergic reaction.

For this reason, pediatricians often suggest testing children for allergies so that both parents and children can be better prepared.

Allergy Clinic in Milwaukee, WI

There is sometimes anxiety associated with allergy testing, often because parents may remember the tests from their childhood, but many of the methods have evolved. Testing can be performed at just about any age, it's just not recommended for children under 6 months.

Knowing as early as possible about potential allergies can help you not only be aware of the substances that can cause a reaction, but your child's doctor can also offer medication and treatment that can lessen the effect of allergic reactions.

You can dial (414) 282-5810 if you are concerned about allergies and to schedule a visit to your local Milwaukee, WI, allergy clinic with Dr. Arce-Garzon and Dr. Casaclang of Best Care Family Health Center.

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